Charisma 4 Piece Bath Towel

4-piece bath towel set

100% Hygrocotton®

Choose from 3 colors

Priced per set



There's no better feeling than stepping out of a long hot shower and wrapping yourself in this plush embrace. With these luxurious Charisma Soft 100% Hygrocotton® towels, you will experience an impressive absorbency assured by the patented hollow core cotton technology. The new Charisma Soft has a special weave that enhances softness. Already soft to the touch, the new Charisma grows even softer, wash after wash.

Material: 100% Hygro Cotton
640 grams per square meter
OEKO - TEX® Made in Green M1NMN83U5
Care Instructions: Machine washable

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Dark Gray, Ivory, White